Messages for World Wildlife Day 2017

Message from CITES Secretary-General John E. Scanlon

World Wildlife Day is a very special day on the United Nations calendar. It raises awareness of wildlife conservation and it helps to galvanize national and international action. It is today the world’s most important global annual event dedicated to wildlife.

The theme for this year - ‘Listen to the Young Voices’, aims to inspire young people around the world to actively participate in wildlife conservation efforts.

Our generation has not yet succeeded in securing the future of many wild animals and plants. Meeting this challenge will now be shared with the next generation.

And to succeed we must fully harness the innovation and energy of youth, and combine it with the wisdom that comes with experience, if we are to make the change we need to see happen.

It is the obligation of the current generation to share their knowledge of wildlife conservation with the younger generations, whilst also empowering and encouraging them to actively engage and participate in creative ways.

Investment in our young people will ensure the... See more

Message from IFAW President and CEO Azzedine Downes

It has never been more important to ‘Listen to the Young Voices’ and to harness the energy and enthusiasm of youth to tackle the current wildlife extinction crisis – one of the reasons IFAW hosted the first ever Global Youth Forum for People and Wildlife in advance of CITES CoP17 in September 2016.

I had the privilege to interact with each of the 34 delegates and I have never met a more dedicated group of conservation leaders, who are bringing together expertise in diverse fields such as research, genetics, law and animal rescue. United by their willingness to collaborate, learn from each other and take action in their own communities – these young people truly will change the world for the better.

We’re proud of our partnership with CITES and welcome John Scanlon’s leadership in calling on youth around the globe to join us in the fight against wildlife crime.

Happy World Wildlife Day!

Message from Youth for Wildlife Conservation

We are delighted to announce that this year, World Wildlife Day will celebrate the growing impact of youth in conservation efforts worldwide. With people under the age of thirty representing over half of the world’s population, and the fate of some of the world’s most endangered and iconic species on the edge of existence, it is becoming all the more important to engage young people in decisions affecting the world’s wildlife.

From patrolling forests to protect rhinos in South Africa or combating wildlife trade in Vietnam, to rescuing orangutans in Borneo and animating wildlife workshops in Canada, the collective youth impact is widespread and undeniable. It is now time, on World Wildlife Day, to acknowledge and applaud the dedication and energy of young wildlife lovers across the globe working towards a common goal, to protecting our priceless wild animals and plants for generations to come.

Youth Voices were heard last year at the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES) when the world’s governments adopted a resolution which acknowledges that youth deserve to have a greater voice on the world stage of international conservation.... See more

Message from One More Generation

Hey everyone, this is Olivia and Carter and we are the founders of our non-profit called One More Generation (OMG) which we created back in 2009 in an effort to help save endangered species and clean up our environment for at least One More Generation... and beyond.  We believe that education is the key to solving all the problems of the world.  If people were taught at an early age to care for all species on this planet and our environment, we would not have so many species on the brink of extinction.

Since starting OMG, it has been our goal to share information about the plight of many endangered species and about what we are doing to protect wildlife and the environment.  Our hopes are that by educating the masses, we will increase the number of people who care and together we will find solutions.  We ask everyone to please consider supporting  the United Nations World Wildlife Day and get involved in increasing awareness about the plight of wild animals and plants all around the world.

We have created lots of resources on our website and there are lots of our partners around... See more