What is World Wildlife Day?

March 3 is World Wildlife Day. It is a United Nations International day to celebrate all the world's wild animals and plants and the contribution that they make to our lives and the health of the planet.

This date was chosen as it is the birthday of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, signed in 1973. This World Wildlife Day is also a celebration of CITES as it turns 50. In recognition of the work CITES does and the collaborative work for conservation that is going on globally, the theme for World Wildlife Day this year is 'Partnerships for Wildllife Conservation'...

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What would WWD be without its partners? Each year CITES collaborates with other organizations to make this day memorable… 


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WWD is not about any one single event. The Day has been observed in the past by people, groups and authorities around the world and in various ways. Find out more about the events held globally or let people know about your event here.


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